Chesapeake Crimes: Fur, Feathers, and Felonies

"Curiosity Killed the Cat Lady"

Thirteen members of the Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime spin tales crime around the theme of animals. A pet groomer. A pet crow. A dog named Rasputin. Exploding cattle. Even an octopus figures in a mystery. Contributors include: Chris Grabenstein (Introduction), Shari Randall, Carla Coupe, KM Rockwood, Alan Orloff, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Robin Templeton, Barb Goffman, Marianne Wilski Strong, Linda Lombardi, Josh Pachter, Joanna Campbell Slan, Cathy Wiley, and Karen Cantwell. 

Book Launch - May 20th 2-4pm

Central Library, 1015 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22201

Available in e-book and paperback at: